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Welcome to my private, non-commercial website. Here I present my experiences during cycle trips throughout Europe over the past four decades, hopefully inspiring others to take up this fantastic mode of transport. This website is written entirely in German, but don't worry about it; a significant part of the content is maps, photographs, height profiles and statistical views of the trips. For the remaining text any web translation service might help.

For fine grasp and easy navigation here are some hints. You can reach the three main chapters from the top side bar:

"Startseite" (home)
This is the entry page of my website, it consists of introduction, some general information and links to contact information, legal notice, privacy policy and a link page.
"Reiseauswahl" (trip selection)
This section leads to the main part of my website: The cycle trips. You can select a trip by choosing it from the list ("Listenauswahl"). This list can be filtered by keywords in German (i.e. "danube" won't work, but "Donau"). Even simpler is the trip selection by map ("Kartenauswahl") – simply click on the corresponding track, and then on the appearing picture.
Each trip has an itinerary, a route map, some travel data and a picture gallery. Trips younger than year 1998 feature rich photoalbums in addition and for those made from 2006 onwards, interactive tracks and height profiles are provided. For a few trips I have written a detailed travel report and for some there is a link to a video.
"Statistik" (statistics)
As its name implies, this section is all about statistical views of my cycle trips. This is a history chart, comparison of length, duration, time and cardinal directions of the trips and information about accommodation, my travel companions and my bicycles. Finally, there is an interactive map of all perambulated countries over time.

I hope this helps a bit to enjoy my website. Otherwise, just contact me by e-mail, I will be happy to answer - in English of course.
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